Hi there! I would like to offer you my professional services, which will help you fulfil your business obligations. I am going to make your professional life easier and less stressful. 
Managing social media accounts

Do you think that social media are a tough nut to crack? 

I am a Specialist with broad experience in many areas of Marketing. When it comes to online marketing, social media are one of my favourite tools. I will plan your fb or instagram posts, write the content, hashtags and choose or create matching graphics. I will also find the best hours to publish it.

Managing WordPress based websites and blogs

Do you need to update your WordPress website or blog?

I update WordPress based websites and blogs. If you like my website, I will be happy to design a similar one in a minimalistic spirit for you. The philosophy of minimalism is very important to me and I apply it in many areas of my life.


If you don’t like to write or you don’t know how

A sample of my texts can be found on my blog www.tujestesmy.com where I describe my travels. For now, blog is available only in Polish, but I am working on the English version. In the past I also wrote professional articles and reviews for Jachting Motorowy Magazine. I will gladly write a blog post, online newsletter content and unique SEO descriptions for your website.

Online newsletter

If you want to build a group of engaged customers

Online newsletter is one of my favourite communication tools. Its main role is to inform customers about new products, changes and special offers. I will write its content for you, design the template and plan a delivery to your subscribers.

Online research

Is searching for information frustrating for you? 

I have been doing online research for many years. I was always pushed by innate curiosity to seek information. I conducted, among others, marketing research for foreign companies with whom I cooperated during my studies until 2015. I search for information in two languages: Polish and English.

Business trip planning

Do you prefer to hand business trip planning to a Specialist? 

I spent over two years of my life being on a journey. I have a lot of experience in planning various types of trips, and in addition, it gives me a lot of pleasure. I will order airline tickets for you, book a hotel and a conference room. I will also find the best restaurants in the area.